Pedal Powered Wow Factor!

An Invitation to Creating The Bristol Cargo Bike & Other Experiments in Up-Cycling & open Sourced Design



The Bristol Cargo Bike No1 Conversion.

We are now in the final phases of our cargo bike development and would love you to come for a

ride and say what you think. Currently available as an up­cycled quality steel mountain bike frame remanufactured to become a light weight mega geared micro logistics vehicle of choice for a city of hills. Ideal for green business cargo systems and as a short wheelbase bike it will happily pull a trailer. Come and have a go on one of our bikes at Creating the Bristol Cargo Bike Exhibition.

BPR Bike Trailers.

Our large load trailer is designed and built here in Bristol. Attaching on the seat post this trailer will fit most bikes with ease and when disconnected makes an easy to handle utility trailer.

Hi Viz Flags

We recommend cyclists embrace hi viz on there body person bike or trailer especially when using lare load carrying bikes and or trailers. At our exhibition we will be experimenting with up cycled hi viz fabrics to create flags and other textile items for bikes mobility scooters and clothing that can keep us seen on the road.

Pedal machines

We have an array of wow factor pedal powered machines for making smoothies, spin painting, drilling holes even doing the washing and there’s a pedal power scalextric race track. We also work with Cycletricity who provide both pedal electric sound system and cinema. Our machines will all be at the Creating the Bristol Cargo Bike Exhibition.

Creating the Bristol Cargo Bike & other experimentsin up-­cycled open-­source design Friday 25th April –

Friday 23rd of May

All in the Gallery at the Create Centre Hotwells, Bristol, BS1 6XN.

Open daily from 10am­3pm. please email us if you need a demo or test


Late opening until 7pm Wednesday & Friday

  • See how we cut, bend and braze our bike frames and trailers in the gallery and at the
  • workshop via you tube videos, coming soon.
  • Have ago at basic metal work in the gallery Wednesdays and Fridays 3­7pm.
  • Sew a Hi­Viz flag Tuesdays and Thursday lunch time 11­2pm.
  • Test Ride one of our bikes or trailers from week three onwards and post exhibition.
  • Make your own cargo bike as one of our paying students at half price for the exhibition.
  • Book one of our pedal machines for free during the exhibition (limited availability).

Check us out on Facebook and our website.


Open Show with Pedal Smoothie Disco Friday 25th 4 till 9pm

Pedal Smoothie and Disco opening night was great fun with lots of interested folks trying out our pedal machines and checking out our cargo bikes and trailers. Our Exhibition Apprentice Volunteers did a great job as did our long term crew of amazing revolutionaries thanks to all. We made smoothies, flags and disco electrics! Week one in the gallery saw our chief engineer Nik Biggles team up with the Create Choir for a our first ever experiments in pedal powered choir assisted fruit smoothie­ing … hmm

… and Nik did look quite daft but has earnt the job of Create Choir Mascot.

Check photos on face book.

All new schedule to meet demand

11:00 – 14:00 Tuesdays & Thursdays

Hi Viz flag making from up­cycled used and surplus fluorescent fabric.

Our drop in textiles workshops to create up­cycled HI Viz Flags Have moved to a lunch time slot on Tuesdays and Thursdays so come and grab a great lunch at the Create café and then sew yourself a Hi Viz Flag for your bike, person or mobility vehicle. Donations of flouro’ fabric and reflective strips most welcome along with thin fibre glass tent poles or fishing rods!!!! Ripped jackets with a bit of colour left all quite acceptable …!

15:00 – 19:00 Wednesdays & Fridays

To get the job done we will be starting at 15:00 with the Up­Cycle Frame Building, but for those with a nine till five we’ll be keeping the security guard busy so bring him some chocolates as they are very kindly going to let us keep using the gallery until seven pm on Wednesdays and Fridays. Come and see how our students and apprentices are getting on with their cargo bike frames.

3 more half price student places still available at £350 to build yourself a No.1 Bristol Cargo Bike Frame Fork Stand & Rack…. Wow that’s a bargain.

Donations of decent Cromoly or other quality steel mountain bike frames welcome especially one to take a Rolloff hub that we have been donated, thanks. Cracked tubes, snapped dropouts and seized seat posts even threaded bottom brackets all repairable in the up­cycling process…

Because steel is real and it can be made to heal!

If you can’t be there in person check our website and Facebook posts,

see the photos and watch the videos.

Our cargo bike creating has moved to a late afternoon early evening slot of:

3 til 7 pm on Wednesdays & Fridays

All our exhibition apprentice places have now been taken but come join us at the open workshops and still have ago with a file or saw or just chat up cycle frame building. Or of course enrol as one of our students and get the VIP treatment!